Moralidad y la vida Profesional

29 Nov


Professional ethics has come of age in a period of great change. Our conceptions of work and how it is to be done, let alone don’t well, are been challenged.

We can think of our goal as the development of our selves as moral profesionals.

Most be building proyects begin with wrong clearing fundation laying. And infrastructure work. We begin or wrong clearing work in profesional ethics by breaking that very work appart. That is , we fisrt examin what it means to be a profesional.

A proression is merely a tipe of ocupation that gains moral significates through the way in which it is accomplished, professionaly or no professionaly.

Once wrong clearing work is done, so of the realy rewarding hard hat work begins as be continous in chapter trhee.

Professiona morality is no aceparate kind of morality but insteat consist of the implementation of the moralityt that governs of lifes in general.

It’s morality mades manifest in the profesional lifes.

Moral theories are an intermediary step between values and the rules for the actions wich they sick to estiblish.



Work is a central concept to human experience. When we ask children about the future jobs and carees we ask them, (what do you whant when you grow up?) ”we don`t ask them what they want to work at or what they want to get pay for doing”.

Work is a universal enough phenomenon to be come a share bond our and easy way for strangers to relate.

We are completely ignoring the question or wheter our not deffing our selves by our work, or being definned by others trhough our work, is a positive think.


One way to begin to examin the therms profesional, and speallity is to look at something that they most certainly do not included. A profession does not included and greatten moral value than nonprofession.

Another way that does engaging in professions have seemed superior to does ingange in nonprofessions is in termnof prestige.

In society, it is a fact that most of us often value with polar workers over blue color workers. Its important not t pack in appropiate meaning, moral or other wise, in to the baggage of our understanning of professions.

Primaliry a profession is work.


One of the first refferences to work that has had a major influence on our western theoritical roots comes from the bible.

The western tradition began under the auspices of the judeo-christian framework, at different approuch to work was presents within a less one western traditional.

We can think of present day examples of work that are armoniuos with once position on the world.

That is understaning work as a punishment and a necesity, we are never able to scape this stain on our humanity, seems most of us have to work.


Identifying and describing a profession and professional

We have professional work, professions, and professionals. The first term in an adjective describing the type of work being done, while the other terms are nouns, naming the kind of work and kind of person who does their work in a certain way, even though work is done, it not always and necessary an occupation.

All occupations, however, entail work, and the work they entail is work for pay. Pay need not monetary, but occupations are compensated work, a profession refers to a certain type of occupation; while professionalism refers to the manner in which the occupation is done, anyone is a professional if he or she is paid for his or her work.



Occupation                                                                   Execution of occupation

What we work at                                                                   How we work

Profession           Nonprofessional                       Professionally              Nonprofessionally

All professions are occupations, but not all occupations are professions.

A profession usually consists of a group of people who in their occupation all do the same thing. Often professions are organized into societies of their own, centered around this ability to recognize one other.

If an occupation does not entail knowledge that is particular to that occupation, it usually does not count as a profession.

When an occupation does not include knowledge that is a product of specialized training and skills, it typically is not referred to as a profession, whereas a board-certified psychologist.

That occupation is certainly something we would all recognize as a profession, but it most definitely does not have a long history, near does is have agreed-upon set of responsibilities, a professions consist of primarily three things: a group identity-those in the profession can easily identify one another; some shared of agreed-upon education, training or certification-those in the profession generally agree upon and recognize certain requirements needed to practice their profession; and a special kind of knowledge those who have the knowledge are able to perform services for others who do not.

Many occupations are only beginning to emerge as professions, and in doing so, they do not necessarily fulfill all of the requirements we have articulated, nor do they fail to fulfill them. We call these occupations “emerging” professions.

Whit training meeting higher standards, professionalization could ensure that quality individuals would fulfill the occupational positions of these fields and thereby eliminate the possibility of abused power. So, with fields such as law enforcement and the military, professionalism is not all positive or negative.

Any occupation, or even any work, can reasonably be said to be done professionally. Like the term profession, professional has been used in a variety of ways not helpful in our discussion. For the sake of this discussion, professionalism consists of a skill or quality component and a relational component.

If you are a brain surgeon or a carpenter or a dry cleaner you do your job well when you perform the duties of your position so that you competently accomplished the task for which you are responsibly.

For example, when soldiers marched prisoners in to dead camps, and admittedly in moral act, they often defended themselves by saying that they where only following orders.

That is although we have stressed that work in an off itself has no moral status, the execution of work or how it is done has moral status.

Choosing a profession – some things to consider.

With some further analysis, we can discern weather this occupation is a profession. Notice the use of the term occupation. An occupation is something that occupies you. It is not loaded with moral meaning, nor thus did it distinguish various types of position from one another.

The choices – whether one will be a professional, practices a profession or work at an occupation- are limitless, and none of them are permanent .



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